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Lary high quality factory price stainless steel bellows

Lary high quality factory price stainless steel bellows

Lary high quality factory price stainless steel bellows
CategoriesVacuum parts
FOB portNingbo, China
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Update TimeNovember 3,2022
Detail Information

Product Information

Corrugated pipe

TheCorrugated pipe, called bellows, corrugated tube,sylphon bellows too, ?is made ofhigh-quality SUS304 stainless steel, through advanced processing technology,this shell part has features of? thinwall, horizontal corrugation and flexibility, with both the flexibility andsealing characteristics, and it would?appear axial, angular, lateral and combined displacement under theaction of external forces and torques, with good sealing performance.? As a commonly used flexible components, metalcorrugated pipes achieve the required functions using the flexibility of itsmaterials,? transform the component shapeand size upon external load (concentration, pressure, torque, etc.) , andrecover to its original status when the load is removed,, so that thiscomponent bears the functions of measurement, connection, compensation,isolation, sealing, shock absorption, etc, it is widely used inhigh-end/medium-end vacuum equipments, machinery, food and medical equipments,chemical power, instruments, shipbuilding, building facilities, transportation,pipeline transportation and other industries?


1. Resistance to high pressure

2. High corrosion resistance

3. Excellent in workmanship

4. Convenient for installation

5. Shock proof dislocation

Basic Parameters




ISO vacuum bellows?

stainless steel bellow??



Customized Products


Very careful production control ??

We will control Max. the details before/during/after production


Testing including:

1,Chemical analysis for material

2,Mechnaical property testing for material

3,NDT will be carried out on all products

4,Pressure testing

5,Painting testing

6,Dimension and appearance quality inspection

7,Package inspection

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